How to add a DITA specialization to oXygen Editor or oXygen Author

Congratulations. You just got your brand new DITA specialization. And, you want to use it.  Follow these instructions to successfully integrate your DITA Specialization to oXygen Editor or oXygen Author.

These instructions apply when the DITA specialization is available as a DITA Open Toolkit plugin. Read more

Information Architecture

information architecture

Use our DITA information architects to help you succeed.

Here are just a few of the issues that our expert information architects will help you work through:

  • How will your DITA implementation affect your ability to publish translations quickly and inexpensively?
  • What choices can you make for content reuse that will affect your ability to single source without burdening writers?

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DITA Training and Support

DITA Training

Learn DITA best practices and make the most of your DITA implementation

Method M provides end-to-end support for organizations moving to successful DITA implementations. Our services include training in DITA best practices for writers and editors, information architecture, DITA specializations, conversion to DITA, and publishing support for PDF, web, mobile and custom formats. Read more

oXygen Author and oXygen Developer

logo_oxygenMethod M supports an array of tools for technical authors, including oXygen Author and oXygen Developer. Method M supports your writers with best practice training, templates, customizations, XMetaL macros, implementation coaching, and much more.

XMetaL Author

xmetal logoApply best practics for XMetaL Author. Learn how to use maps, topics, elements, attributes, customizations, macros, automation and much more. Learn the best methods for single sourcing in XMetaL. Choose the functionality that will deliver the best results for your environment, including conref, keyref, and conkeyref.

Method M DITA Consulting

Considering a move to DITA-based publishing? Backed by years of experience, we guide your project to successful implementation. Whether you need training for your team in DITA, or in using DITA editors such as oXygen or XMetaL, need information architecture to help you succeed, or help customizing your deliverables – we are here to help. Read more

Method M DITA Workshop

The DITA workshop will equip you to evaluate, plan and start implementing the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). In this workshop you will learn: How to author topic-based, well-structured technical information. How to assemble and publish delivery documents from topics. How to evaluate your needs and choose from standard DITA information types (concept, task, and reference). Plan […]

Key facts about DITA

dita-logoDITA (pronounced dit-uh) is an acronym for:

  • Darwin—DITA can evolve to account for your particular authoring needs. (Specialization in DITA jargon.)
  • Information Typing—DITA was designed for core types of technical content: concept, task, and reference.
  • Architecture—DITA provides a framework for designing and delivering technical content efficiently.

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