How to add a DITA specialization to oXygen Editor or oXygen Author

Congratulations. You just got your brand new DITA specialization. And, you want to use it.  Follow these instructions to successfully integrate your DITA Specialization to oXygen Editor or oXygen Author.

These instructions apply when the DITA specialization is available as a DITA Open Toolkit plugin.

  • Copy the plugin to the location of the DITA OT you are using (by default DITA_OT_DIR\plugins).
    • On my Windows device, the full path was:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Oxygen XML Editor 18\frameworks\dita\DITA-OT\plugins\com.myspecialization.doctypes\dtd
  • Start oXygen as an administrator.
  • Run the DITA OT integrator to integrate the plugin.
    • In the Transformation Scenarios view there is a predefined scenario called Run DITA OT Integrator that can be used for this.

The help page is available with additional information.