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DITA Code Review Tip: use CSS to highlight problem areas

Use tools whenever possible to turbo-charge your content audit/DITA code review. Consider usage of the <b> element in DITA. Bold has no semantic meaning. Getting users to stop using <b> and use a semantically meaningful tag instead for content (such as <uicontrol>), is part of the DITA mandate. You can use the CSS to focus writers […]

What happens when source content is bloated? DITA, minimalism, and agile development.

Too often, when we work on a DITA implementation we spend a lot of time on the bells and whistles of our CMS or the DITA-OT publishing scripts. But, often the content is bloated, uses unsemantic markup, is riddled with duplication, and suffers from condition overload.

Including equations in DITA content

There are three possible containers for equations in the equation domain: equation-inline, equation-block, and equation-figure. Choose the DITA elements that makes the most sense for your equations: inline, in a separate block, and/or an equation or series of equation with a caption.

Should you use tables in DITA?

Writers are conditioned to using tables. We are creatures of habit, and using tables in DITA seems to come naturally if you are used to writing in Word or FrameMaker. Bottom line: When you need to present information that will be table-like when read, your default preference should be for definition lists. We know that you […]

How to describe choices in a DITA task topic?

Why use <choices> or <choicetables> instead of <ol> or <ul> in a task topic when you need to choose what to do next? DITA markup offers different options for describing choices in a DITA task topic. The benefit of <choices> or <choicetables> is that the markup is semantic! When you use <choices> or <choicetables>, the machine (and […]


Is Google Apps for Work for you?

What is Google Apps for Work? Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Who uses Google Apps for Work? Millions of organizations around the […]