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Author Max

Author Max™ Supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint. Work faster and more productively by leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Office, and eliminating roadblocks to power users. Author Max™ is already field-proven in the most demanding work environments.

Is Markup Mentoring for Me?

Ongoing content audits, or – as we prefer to call it – markup mentoring bridges the gap from your DITA plan to your DITA implementation.  Semantic markup mentoring will increase the effectiveness of your DITA content, reduce long term maintenance costs for content, and enable support for the fullest range of current and future publishing needs.

Mercury free dental practices?

Did you know that some dentists offer mercury free practices? That laser dentistry can make some dental procedures pain-free? If you need dental care in Brooklyn, you might want to check out Dr. Steve Eisenberg’s dental practice in Sheepshead Bay, recently launched by our GoMDweb division, with online solutions for dentists and physicians,

Key facts about DITA

DITA (pronounced dit-uh) is an acronym for: Darwin—DITA can evolve to account for your particular authoring needs. (Specialization in DITA jargon.) Information Typing—DITA was designed for core types of technical content: concept, task, and reference. Architecture—DITA provides a framework for designing and delivering technical content efficiently.

Publish before/after gallery

Did you know that you can publish “gallery” type content on your site easily? Include before/after images, a series of images or excerpts that create a mood or much more.

When Google Analytics is misleading

Encouraged by an increase in the number of visits to your site? Looking at the jump in referrals to your site and sitting pretty? Does your Google Analytics report suggest that a stampede of new clients is on its way? And yet, you sit by the phone and refresh your email, but those 1,000 site visits aren’t […]