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DITA Bookmaps or regular DITA maps?

Bookmaps enable users to organize their DITA information into front matter, parts, chapters, and back matter. Typically, publications are created from a bookmap while DITA maps are used for Read more

Predicting costs and benefits from implementing a DITA solution

This is a break from our posts about markup, but if you’re going to do DITA, you should also be able to figure out what it’s costing your company.

Reuse in DITA: reusing topics

DITA enables reuse on many levels. This post discusses some tactics for reusing topics. Read more

In DITA, how small is too small for conditional content that will be translated

Like many great questions, the answer to “how small is too small for conditional content” is – it depends. If the content will be translated, then mitigating future translation costs is a key factor.  Read more

Why use keyref in DITA?

Keyrefs make extensive content reuse easier to maintain and enable sophisticated conditional processing (profiling) of content. Read more

Considerations for using using conditions in a conref

When the content of your conref needs to change — as in for different audiences or for different products — conditions enable your conref to adapt!

You should, however, consider using Read more

Machine Industry Task Topic

the machine industry task topic is not just for industry! By Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The machine industry task topic is not just for industry

We often recommend that customers who do not create or service machinery adopt the machine industry task topic type. Software companies, chemical companies, financial firms, and many others are leveraging the power of the machine industry task topic.  Read more

Is Markup Mentoring for Me?

Ongoing content audits, or – as we prefer to call it – markup mentoring bridges the gap from your DITA plan to your DITA implementation.  Semantic markup mentoring will increase the effectiveness of your DITA content, reduce long term maintenance costs for content, and enable support for the fullest range of current and future publishing needs. Read more