DITA Training and Support

DITA Training

Learn DITA best practices and make the most of your DITA implementation

Method M provides end-to-end support for organizations moving to successful DITA implementations. Our services include training in DITA best practices for writers and editors, information architecture, DITA specializations, conversion to DITA, and publishing support for PDF, web, mobile and custom formats.

A very hands-on, very practical approach to training and information architecture starts from Day One with use of oXygen and other tools on the customer’s own content. Method M training is available on-site with remote support accompanying your implementation to the finish line.

Learn more about our DITA Immersion Workshop, training for oXygen Author and oXygen Developer, and training for XMetaL Author.

Training is available online or at your site. If you need immediate support or have DITA questions, click here to order now.