dita-logoThe DITA workshop will equip you to evaluate, plan and start implementing the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to author topic-based, well-structured technical information.
  • How to assemble and publish delivery documents from topics.
  • How to evaluate your needs and choose from standard DITA information types (concept, task, and reference).
  • Plan and implement content reuse.
  • Determine if you need to specialize DITA information types to meet your needs.
  • Select the DITA elements that will power your DITA content.
  • How to quantify the business benefits that DITA offers your organization.
  • How you can use the open-source DITA Open Toolkit.

The DITA workshop can be customized for your needs, using your content for examples, and using the DITA editor that you have chosen to work with, such as oXygen or XMetaL.

This workshop is meant for writers, editors, information architects, and managers of technical documentation groups. Please contact us to coordinate. Get the full details including syllabus and cost.

Thank you for conducting a successful ‘DITA Immersion Workshop’ at Mercury (HP Software). My goal for the workshop was to kick-off a new approach to documentation – topic-based writing designed for reuse.  The workshop did a great job of helping to change the mindset of team leaders and writers at Mercury. We now plan to apply the knowledge gained from the workshop in our documentation projects. I recommend this workshop for any documentation organization that is considering moving to XML and DITA.

Julie AzoulaiDirector of Technical Publications, Mercury Interactive (HP Software)