The DITA Code Review (Content Audit) – put your content on track to success

Review of your DITA content for semantically correct markup is referred to as a DITA code review or a DITA content audit. What happens in a DITA content audit (DITA code review)? The auditor(s) review DITA source files and check tagging…

DITA Code Review Tip: use CSS to highlight problem areas

Use tools whenever possible to turbo-charge your content audit/DITA code review. Consider usage of the <b> element in DITA. Bold has no semantic meaning. Getting users to stop using <b> and use a semantically meaningful tag…

What happens when source content is bloated? DITA, minimalism, and agile development.

Too often, when we work on a DITA implementation we spend a lot of time on the bells and whistles of our CMS or the DITA-OT publishing scripts. But, often the content is bloated, uses unsemantic markup, is riddled with duplication, and suffers…

How to add a DITA specialization to oXygen Editor or oXygen Author

Congratulations. You just got your brand new DITA specialization. And, you want to use it.  Follow these instructions to successfully integrate your DITA Specialization to oXygen Editor or oXygen Author. These instructions apply when the…

Information Architecture

Here are just a few of the issues that our expert information architects will help you work through: How will your DITA implementation affect your ability to publish translations quickly and inexpensively? What choices can you make…

DITA Training and Support

DITA TrainingMethod M provides end-to-end support for organizations moving to successful DITA implementations. Training available online or at your site. DITA best practices training for writers and editors, information architecture, DITA specializations, conversion to DITA, and publishing support.

oXygen Author and oXygen Developer

logo_oxygenMethod M supports an array of tools for technical authors, including oXygen Author and oXygen Developer. Method M supports your writers with best practice training, templates, customizations, XMetaL macros, implementation coaching, and much more.

XMetaL Author

xmetal logoApply best practics for XMetaL Author. Learn how to use maps, topics, elements, attributes, customizations, macros, automation and much more. Learn the best methods for single sourcing in XMetaL. Choose the functionality that will deliver the best results for your environment, including conref, keyref, and conkeyref.

Method M DITA Consulting

Considering a move to DITA-based publishing? Backed by years of experience, we guide your project to successful implementation. Whether you need training for your team in DITA, or in using DITA editors such as oXygen or XMetaL, need information…