Q: What does the “M” stand for in Method M?

  • Metrics. At Method M we are data-driven and implement evidence-based solutions. Click here to lea4rn more.
  • Methodology.  At Method M we believe that by working systematically, by following a disciplined methodology, costs can be reduced by as much as 80% and signifcantly more goals can be realized.
  • M also stands for medical.  At Method M we have special competencies in helping healthcare professionals grow their practices. We develop and maintain websites, social media, and advertising campaigns for a large and growing number of psychologists, medical practices, hospitals, and associates of mental health care professionals. Click here to learn more about TherapyEverywhere.

Q: What does DITA stand for?

DITA is an acronym for Darwin Information Typing Architecture. While DITA may be the one of the most obtuse acronyms ever, the concept is very powerful and very effective for product documents.  Click here to learn more about DITA and how we can help.

Q: Are you able to provide end-to-end DITA solutions?

Yes.  We provide information architecture for companies moving to DITA, DITA training, DITA content audits, XSL modifications for getting exactly the output that you need, specialization, authoring tools, planning for translation, managing DITA maps, and integrating DITA in your content management environment.  We are expert in training your writers in topic-centric writing, minimalism, reuse, and the range of DITA functionality that is important to your DITA implementation.

Q: Do you only support DITA for product documents? What about Microsoft Office?

We think that DITA, and more generally topic-oriented writing, is key to document productivity. If you can’t implement a full XML authoring environment, Method M enables you to get some of the benefits of DITA while continuing to author and update documents in Microsoft Word.  Contact us for more details about Microsoft Office automation and programming.