Information Architecture

information architecture

Use our DITA information architects to help you succeed.

Here are just a few of the issues that our expert information architects will help you work through:

    • How will your DITA implementation affect your ability to publish translations quickly and inexpensively?
    • What choices can you make for content reuse that will affect your ability to single source without burdening writers?

  • Will the choices that you make for reusing maps, topics, or content chunks affect your ability to update and maintain content over time?
  • What is the best method for including code samples, so that writers don’t have to update code over time?
  • When you should be using elements such as <apiname> or <codeblock>?
  • What elements can I use for
  • Which task topic types are needed for my organization?
  • Should I use learning content topics?

Do your really need an information architect?

“…go as far away as possible from home to build your first buildings. The physician can bury his mistakes,—but the architect can only advise his client to plant vines.”

We think that this quote from Frank Lloyd Wright tells it all. You don’t need an information architect. You can just make all the mistakes that we made!

So, if you are moving jobs soon, changing careers or getting ready to move out of town under an assumed identity, don’t worry about implementing DITA without an information architect. But if you plan on sticking around for a while and living with the consequences of your implementation, get an information architect!

Instead of reinventing the wheel for your company’s needs, consider accessing the Information Architecture resources at Method M. We are here to help!