Method M DITA Consulting

Considering a move to DITA-based publishing? Backed by years of experience, we guide your project to successful implementation. Whether you need training for your team in DITA, or in using DITA editors such as oXygen or XMetaL, need information architecture to help you succeed, or help customizing your deliverables – we are here to help.

Training, Pilot Projects and Proof of Concept Wins

Need to make sure that DITA is right for you?  We can help you build a business case and implement a limited-scale system that will prove your approach, minimize risk and demonstrate quick wins. From training to specialization, we provide the building blocks that you need – or a complete solution.

Demonstrate better content reuse and lower production and translation costs.

  • DITA Training.
  • DITA Information Architecture.
  • DTA Implementations.
  • Custom scripting for DITA.
  • DITA Migration – Convert existing content to DITA so that you can start using DITA fast.

Please contact us to get started.  And – more importantly