logo_oxygenMethod M supports an array of tools for technical authors, including oXygen Author and oXygen Developer. Method M supports your writers with best practice training, templates, customizations, XMetaL macros, implementation coaching, and much more.

Learn the best methods for single sourcing in oXygen. Write and update once; reuse in many documents and delivery formats (PDF, Help, WebHelp, and more). Choose the functionality that will deliver the best results for your environment, including conref, keyref, and conkeyref.

Method M is a proud XML Training Partner, as well as an authorized XML reseller. With a track record of successful DITA training using XML, Method M can get your team up and running effectively in a surprisingly short team. Considering adopting XML Author or XML Editor? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

online DITA oXygen Author training
Method M delivers DITA training for oXygen Author online, and at customer sites

Method M delivers face to face and on-line training modules in the fundamentals of DITA, best practices for reuse and effective use of oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author.

At a recent course, technical writers at one of the world’s largest software companies started using XML Author from the very first session. The course, customized to reflect the client’s specific documentation needs,combined elements of information architecture with hands-on experience using oXygen XML Editor.

What to expect in a typical oXygen Author Training

Method M recently delivered a series of training modules to technical writers at a major software company that covered the Fundamentals of Structured Authoring and Use of oXygen XML Editor.

The training was customized to reflect the client’s documentation products and included substantial hands-on application using real production documents.

One of the outcomes of the training was a firm grasp on what specializations are required and what customization to publishing are needed.
All of the training materials were developed and delivered by Method M consultants. Method M provides consulting services in information architecture, DITA, content management, and eLearning.

oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author are products of SyncRO Soft Ltd. Method M is affiliated with SyncRO Soft as a Training Partner and Value Added Reseller.