xmetal logoMethod M supports an array of tools for technical authors, including XMetaL Author. Method M supports your writers with best practice training, templates, customizations, macros, automation, implementation coaching, and much more.

Learn the best methods for single sourcing in XMetaL. Write and update once; reuse in many documents and delivery formats (PDF, Help, WebHelp, and more). Choose the functionality that will deliver the best results for your environment, including conref, keyref, and conkeyref.

XMetaL Author helps you get to market faster with your information products by bringing structure and automation to managing high volumes of valuable content. Using industry standards including DITA, XMetaL enables content creators to efficiently create, collaborate, and reuse information that can be repurposed into the languages and formats your customers demand. Used standalone, or integrated with a content management system, XMetaL can be used by writers and reviewers even without XML knowledge. Learn more about XMetaL.

Advanced training and support for XMetaL

At Method M, we regularly train clients in using XMetaL to author DITA, provide XMetaL macros and customizations, and – more generally – help your DITA projects succeed. Learn more about how we can help you get the most from your DITA implementation.

Order support or training now for XMetaL

Get the training and support that you need to succeed in your DITA project. Get training from our DITA XML and XMetaL Gurus.

When you get DITA training from Method M, you can expect hands-on instruction. In fact, in most cases DITA training is customized for your environment, your needs, and can use actual content from your organization to make the training more tangible for your needs.